A Strategy to Transform an Internet Marketing Failure Into an Internet Marketing Rock-Star

If “internet marketing failure” describes you, then it is time to get off the bleachers and get into the game to win and win big in online marketing. So many lucrative online opportunities get the reputation of being “scams” because people just don’t know what they’re doing. They give it a shot and quit when they miss the mark. Too many people don’t stay in the game long enough to crack the code to monetize their business and validate its value.

There are so many ways to build an internet business. But the bottom-line of every internet marketing strategy is to get traffic to your site, generate leads, and convert those leads into buying customers. In the past Search Engine Optimization was the method of choice for all the heavy hitters who were making big money online. Back then making money was the goal of doing business on the internet. That was back when Google was King and reigned supreme in the world of internet marketing.

To be successful marketing on the net today you must know that the rules have changed. Buying your way to the top of the SEO rankings doesn’t cut it any longer. To beat the competition on the World Wide Web, you have to understand that the internet marketing paradigm has shifted. It is no longer all about money. Today social networking is the goldmine of traffic generation. If monetizing your business is your primary goal and increasing your own bottom line is driving your business, it is time to rethink your internet marketing strategy.

The most simplistic strategy to put your internet marketing business on the map is a simple blend of blogging and creating a presence on key social networking sites. Syndicating the message of your blog to as many social sites as possible is the key to a successful blogging strategy. You attract people to your blog so that they can find valuable content that they need so badly to succeed in marketing online. Zig Ziglar summed up the essence of today’s internet marketing success strategy when he said, “You can get what you want if you help enough people get what they want.”

If you are in the game of internet marketing to win, you must identify the marketing problems of the masses and provide them with value that will transcend their problems. The message that sounds out through your blog should define valuable marketing solutions. Promoting the benefits of your product or service must over power any desire you have to make money by shoving your business into the face of the social media.

The second part of a successful internet marketing strategy is to engage people where they are in the social network media. If you connect with enough people in a positive way to meet their needs and not use them to increase your bottom-line, then you will bring a community of people from the social networking sites to your blog who are hungry for solid solutions for their marketing needs.

If you stick to a plan of blogging daily and building relationships among the social networking population, you will find that you have become an authority in the world of internet marketing. When that happens, you will begin to get what you want. You will lay hold of a lucrative business and you will be well on your way to becoming an Internet Marketing Rock-Star!

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